Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meet our Assistants: Abbey, Rachel, and Luciel

Meet my assistants!!

This is Abbey, Rachel and Luciel. They helped out at this past week's editorial shoot day. They did a great job holding reflectors, running the video camera, and helping create couture dresses for some of our models.

Want to get involved? We always love having people come out and get involved. These girls are all interested in photography. They've actually job shadowed me before so when we started planning these editorial shoots, I thought who better to come hang out and lend a hand!

They were awesome and we had a lot of fun! Can't wait to have them back!!

Want to get involved and be one of our assistants? Email me at and we'll see what we've got coming up!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Get Your Pet to Look at the Camera

How do you get your pets to look at your camera for photos?

Well there are lots of tricks I use to get your puppy to look at my camera. Treat sometimes work but often they will come running for the food. So I’ve learned to use “fun words.”

What are fun words? They are words your pet likes that will get their attention. I use “swimming”  “car ride” and “outside” for my puppies because they always stop dead in their tracks and pay attention whenever I use those words because they love them so much. They will freeze and look right at me and usually tip their heads all sweet like and I end up with the perfect photos.

Try it. Pull a few words your dog likes and see if it works for you!
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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Little Touch Up

Worried about how you'll look in your photos? Don't stress!!
This is an incredibly zoomed in part of one of our photos. As you can see, it needed some retouching.

I make sure every photo I show my clients is retouched to perfection so they never have to feel uncomfortable if their skin is not 100% perfect the day of their session. Things come up, usually on that one day you need it to not come we take care of our clients as best we can because we want them to enjoy their session and feel good about themselves.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Girl on Fireplace: Cafe Images

Remember a few months ago when I had some of my work hanging in a local cafe? We got a lot of compliments on the images we displayed there. Well I never did put those images online. Here's one of my favorites-and their favorites:

Isn't she adorable?

Further proof that you don't have to have a person look into the camera to create a compelling photo.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kisses+Disses: Bruises and Cuteness

Today I was sitting at my computer working when I discovered the top of my foot hurt. I looked but didn't see any bruises. Two hours later I looked down to see a massive purple, green, blue bruise on my foot. No wonder it hurt so much.
Now of course, when something is blue, I want to scream "(my hair) is blue! it's blue!" just like Kate Husdon in Bride Wars. I love that line. I will always use it.

Now the real question is, how will I survive the next week of dress shoes with a damaged foot like this? Sigh.

Nevertheless, I can still type which means....

*My puppies. Lacey has taken to chasing shadows around the house for hours and hours everyday. Jayda has been super cuddly the last few days.
*Cell phones. They allow for fast communication. I like being able to be in touch when I need to be.
*Little kids. They always have cute things to say and funny stories to tell you.
*White sandals. It's (almost) summer...they are back and they are beautiful!

*Waiting. I don't like waiting...for information, for events, for responses, for deliveries. If I know something is coming or supposed to be coming, it drives me nuts to wait around for it. If it just got to me on time, I'd have so much more time to work on that and other things.
*Cold showers. I'm pretty sure the dishwasher used up all the hot water tonight, but I'm still trying to recover from my hypothermia.
*Driving in the rain. It's just not pleasant.
*Bruises on my foot. Not fun and actually pretty painful. I suggest you avoid bruising your foot at all costs. lol

Happy Sunday

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guy's Week: Make Sure You Smile

Dudes, seriously, we know you want to look all cool and everything, but try smiling in a few photos.

No seriously. We know you feel weird about getting in front of the camera and being professionally photographed but we are here to make you look good.

Yes, we will get the cool not smiling shots. Yes we will get the moody, brooding shots. Yes you will look like a rockstar.

But we also want to see you smile.

Here’s the deal. Women are more drawn to photos of a guy smiling than a guy not smiling. Women connect better to happy people.

I promise, we’re going to get you some awesome smiling shots and some awesome brooding shots. You will be happy you smiled in some of them. And if you’re not, you don’t have to buy them. It doesn’t hurt to take them while you’re going. If you don’t like them, your friends and family don’t have to see them.


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